Fair and Market Schedule



Here’s a rundown of our fairs and markets for the season this far. You can catch me at any one of these events. Check back again as we will be adding more.

May 20th Kenton Street Fair, Portland Oregon

June 1st, Night Market Vancouver, Vancouver Washington

July 8th, Art on the Ave. Tacoma Washington

July 29th, Montevilla Street Fair, Portland Oregon

August 12th, Music and Art in Wright Park, Tacoma Washington

August 26th, Hawthorne Street Fair, Portland Oregon

That’s all I have for now, check back as I will be adding more throughout the season


Kirk and Spock Digital Print Set



Right now we are bundling our Kirk and Spock digital prints together as a set. Buy them together and save $10 from the individual print price. Both designs are original and are printed on high quality glossy photo paper. All prints ship with clear bags and cardboard backs. Ready to frame or hang as is. Check out our etsy page to see this and all of our other offerings: https://www.etsy.com/listing/596844914/kirk-and-spock-digital-print-set


Dystopian Futurism and the Aesthetic of Decay



When someone says you’re a futurist generally it’s an optimistic tag meant to convey the shining towers of tomorrow’s utopian societies. But are we sure that’s our future? With the attachment of “dystopian” to the term of futurist all of the sudden you’re not such an optimist, you become a nihilist really. Does it really have to be negative though? All life and things decay, and decay is beautiful.

As a visual artist I strive for the sort of rich textures that decay can provide to the manmade apparatus. There is little imagination in the weathering of something that is left to rot, it’s a product of circumstance and time. Peeling paint and rusted metal is the at the same peg as a sunset in my playbook aesthetica.

Artists can spend their lifetime trying to recreate these beautiful mosaics, the subtle and layered tones of rust or peeling paint force their composition on you without any retrospection on their part. How could we as artists, as humans hope to recreate the forces of nature? We can only observe and learn.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the dynamics of decay. I love the contrast of the manmade structure or creation, meant to be clean and precise and enduring succumbing to the inevitability of time. Peeling away our intentions and lives to remind us of our own mortality.

Whew, I’ve included a little gallery of some visual decay I’ve shot the past few years. I’ve used a lot of background textures like these to weather out backgrounds and such.

New Uhura Print Available



I love making classic Trek art. Original Star Trek is probably more responsible for who I am today than any other factor. I was exposed early, and it was over from there. After looking at my offerings though I was in no shortage of Kirk or Spock pieces but I wasn’t giving much love anywhere else. Not to mention there’s not much minority or female representation. It was well past time I gave some love to one of the true racial and gender pioneers of her era, Nichelle Nichols.


The print could have not have turned out better, I love every part of it and I definitely put the time into it. It was created in Photoshop and Illustrator using a process of photo reduction and freehand drawing. I’m hoping to give all the bridge crew the same effect at some point.


The print is on glossy photo paper, printed at 11×17 and ships with a backboard and clear bag for protection. You can find it on my Etsy page:

New Studio


0411181841aI’ve got a new studio and a new studio partner. It’s a great little space underneath the old North Bank in downtown Vancouver WA. I’m sharing it with one of the heavy hitters for freelance graphic design and illustration in our town, Bryan Helfrich. You can check him out on instagram at @opentheory.

The new space is enabling me to do some screen printing and painting but it’s a bit limited on some of the larger stuff I can do. All in all it’s such a great deal, however the building is slated for development so we might have to march any day on it. I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Marvel Corner Boxes


You know how on older comics there’s a small picture of the character in the upper left hand corner with the number of the issue and the price? That’s called a corner box, and it’s pretty much a Marvel thing, DC usually just has a logo in the corner. I love cornerboxes, and the older the better. I’m working on reproducing some of them but the silver age issues I have around are pretty beat up. Here’s a few scans I did today.


The one on the left has been cleaned up a bit, they’re pretty rough though. I like the beat up look of them myself, it gives a lot of character and looks like they’re from a well loved and read comic. Maybe at some point I’ll redraw them so they’re crisp but these sure look cool I think.


I may have to seek out some old issues just for the corner box. I love them though. Be looking for some prints in the near future.