Marvel Corner Boxes

You know how on older comics there’s a small picture of the character in the upper left hand corner with the number of the issue and the price? That’s called a corner box, and it’s pretty much a Marvel thing, DC usually just has a logo in the corner. I love cornerboxes, and the older the better. I’m working on reproducing some of them but the silver age issues I have around are pretty beat up. Here’s a few scans I did today.


The one on the left has been cleaned up a bit, they’re pretty rough though. I like the beat up look of them myself, it gives a lot of character and looks like they’re from a well loved and read comic. Maybe at some point I’ll redraw them so they’re crisp but these sure look cool I think.


I may have to seek out some old issues just for the corner box. I love them though. Be looking for some prints in the near future.



Archives pt 5

More rando from the hard drive. There’s a link to the previous post at the bottom of the page.


Fremont Fair in Seattle, this was maybe 2011


Product shots back in the Rosemere Garage


The Rosemere shop


A hang tag design


A shot of me during the first party we had at the Space. Pic by Abby Harris


Banner ad for ten dollar sale


A Christmas card from the Blood and Garlic brand


Anna from Paper Tiger modelling a 5X shirt


This is from way back when we did the first Pickathon

Archives pt 4

More rando stuff from the hard drive.


The amazing Bob Jewell from Shroom Bros


Red Skull pimping NW Shirts


I always had a softspot for this one


Stickertown, an amazing sticker from Noble Hardesty


I have no choice but to call this picture “Tim derp”


This is how blends work


I actually had enough tshirts

Archives pt 3

More random shots from the past


A fun shot with Tina, photo by Anni Becker Furniss


My first ever exposure box. Part of the original gear I pulled out of Dave Sparr’s barn


We use to ship a lot of shirts


A flyer I made for a ten dollar sale I had in the Torque parking lot


Man I forgot all about this. A very short FB page I ran after the Vector went out of print


A very cool image of a light showing through this screen


from our NYC trip a few years ago


One of Olin’s shows at the Space

pdxMonthlyScan1 1

That time I was featured in PDX Monthly


I think this is my booth setup from the first year we did the Salem Comic Con


Krystal put in a few hours sorting the shirts


Kevin D from the Mighty Bowl years


Good halloween this year


Kate don’t mess around in the kitchen


The amazing Kevin Bay who knew what none of this was

Archives pt 2

More random images from the hard drive.


The old logo for Urban Craft Market we ran for a couple of months


Domo origato Troy o roboto


I think this was a Dr Who showing at the Kiggins


My wife attracts a lot of weirdos


Warren, quite possibly the least evil person on Earth




Ryan Cole, I remember his arms being really sunburned after this


Chelsea and I hate to say I’ve forgotten the other name. Modeling some gear out in front of the old Space


The late great Mike Stevens. Mike is good, be like Mike


A meme inspired meme for Torque, miss that place

Rolling Through the Archives PT 1

I have so many images laying around from the past ten years or so I thought I would just post them up on here so I’ll have a record of them in case something happens to my hard drive down the road. Some are pretty fun, there’s a lot of people from the last ten years of doing the tshirts that we know. Some parts of my life in Vancouver for sure. These are all super random and are just posted depending on the folder I found them in.


The 8 color monster at Cole Ink. A pretty amazing piece of work


A flyer I made for the Couvefest at Esther Short. So much fun


A little mock up I made when I rented this space on 5th st. I wasn’t there long


This guy who’s like twice this size now


The adorable Kayli from a photoshoot at the Space


The ever cool Andrew, lover of meat and Star Wars


Printing some bags at the Space


A battle for the ages

A Digital Pencil is Still a Pencil

I’ve been scrambling to find a way to get some product out there with the lack of a production space to do any larger scale prints or paintings. I bought a low end Wacom tablet a while back and decided I would spend some time learning how to draw on it. I didn’t think I would take to it as well as I have but for the kind of PopArt media manipulation I do it fits like a glove. To some small extent it’s like doing the screenprints I was doing in the way that I manipulate existing images. Here’s some of the pieces I’ve done in the past week or so.

I have very much been enjoying the immediacy of the media. I tend to lose my patience and need immediate dramatic results with traditional media which I think is why I like the screenprinting so much.

I’ll be making mini prints of these, anything I can do to at least be creating something. I’ll have them for sale at the Vancouver Night Market and wherever I can find a good selling venue. If you’re interested in any of them please message me and let me know.